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This page is here to help me access stuff and to help others in case they look for the web address (URL) of - by having this page in place it will give people links to the various sites I've created here.

Sites in the space

Hawaii - Stuff I've created for the 10-day Carnival Legend cruise to Hawaii 9/13/16

Australia - In 2017 we plan to fly back to Hawaii and board the Legend for a 17 day journey to Oz.

Vista0501 - Roll Call website for our 24-day, B2B Mediterrean cruise on the new Carnival Vista. The ship leaves out of Trieste, Italy on 5/1/2016.

We had to cancel our two B2B cruises on the Vista in Europe, but we are booked on the repo that takes the Vista from NYC to Miami.

Vista1116 - We joined this cruise late and they already had a website and spreadsheets. So, I created this one as an informational site on the ship and ports.

The Middleton Travels Home Page - My genalogy website that I started in 1997.

Ticker Page - A tracking sheet for our cruises.

About me - My Personal Web Page or Site. I used frames to created it in 2009. I'm not sure how much longer browsers will support it. I really need to update the site.

Under construction...