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Bermuda (4/10/18)

Bermuda, also referred to in legal documents as, "the Bermudas of Somers Isles", is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of North America. Its nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, NC, about 640 miles to the west-northwest. The full legal name refers to Bermuda as being more than one island. In fact it is a formed by high points on the rim of the caldera of a submerged volcano and consists of 181 islands. If you look at Bermuda on Goggle Maps, zoom in and you will see the many small island that make up Bermuda. It currently has a total land mass of 20.6 square miles, but during a previous ice age, when ocean levels were lower, it covered over 200 square miles.

This will be our second visit to Bermuda and a nice perk for this cruise. We were booked on an 8-day cruise on the Sunshine that was scheduled to spend 3 days in Bermuda. Our best cruising buddies, Ralph & Micky of North Pole, Alaska, sent us an email about booking a 21-day cruise that was stopping in Bermuda and they were wondering if we would be able to see each other there. The schedules indicated that their ship would have missed us by only two days. Out of curiosity I checked on the price on their cruise and found that I could switch cruises for only for less than $300.00. We would only have 1.5 days in Bermuda versus 3 days, but I could easily live with that to be able to cruise with our friends. Turns out that a hurricane hit Bermuda about the time the Sunshine was leaving Port Canaveral and they were rerouted to another itinerary. Our cruise was a few days behind and we were able to make port in Bermuda. Turns out that there was very little damage, thank goodness. While on the island we tried to do things on our own, but really didn't see as much as we had hoped. This time we plan on taking a ship's tour.

Bermuda pic and map

Our ship will dock at at Kings Wharf in the Royal Naval Dockyard as it is the port for larger cruise ships. If you want to do Bermuda on your own, then you should be aware that the dock is a long way from Hamilton, the capitol. The picture above shows where we will dock and gives you an idea of where we will be in relation to the rest of the islands. If you don't want to venture far there are many activities nearby to keep you busy including indoor shopping. If you want to venture into Hamilton as we did, then you can take a bus or ferry. There are two buses that take you to the bus station in Hamilton: numbers 7 & 8. Bus 7 goes along the coast road and has stops at a number of beaches, while bus 8 takes the inland route. Both take about an hour. The Blue Ferry Route to Hamilton is (or was) $4.50 one way and is much quicker at only 20 minutes. Both run about every hour. You can buy tokens for the ferry or bus at the VIC (Visitor Information Center) in Dockyard. There was a very long line when we got there, so be prepared to wait. A suggestion I read said to take the ferry over and ride the bus back to see more of the island. There is another ferry that goes to St. George, or you can take the bus to Hamilton and transfer to get there.


Here is a list of sites that could help you plan your day in port. Be sure to explore the links on each page for a wealth of information.

Kings Wharf, Bermuda - Cruise Critic's port page for Kings Wharf, Bermuda. A great source of information about this port. The Carnival Pride will also be in port with us.

Things to Do in Bermuda - TripAdvisor's ranked list of Things to Do in Bermuda.

WhatsInPort - Great info about the port including a webcam (some ports), printable map and ships in port: the Carnival Pride will also be in port.

Raj's Bermuda Attractions - A personal website by Raj Bhattacharya, a big fan of Bermuda. He has done a great job writing about this island.

Cruise Ships in Port - a PDF file of all cruise ships in port in 2015. The best I can tell, we will be the only ship docked at Kings Wharf during our stay.

Viator's Shore Excursions - Bermuda Shore Excursion offered by Viator, A TripAdvisor Company.

Hamilton City Tour - A walking tour of Hamilton, Bermuda. A half-day tour that will give you an all-round feel of the city and its role as the capital.

St. George Tour - A walking tour of St. George, Bermuda. This town is steeped in history and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bermuda (dot) com - A well organized site with categories of Attractions and Activities.

Bermuda Tourism - Bermuda tourism leaves you with lifetime memories that you will never forget. This island truly has something for everyone.

Bermuda 4u - Official Bermuda Tourism Website. The Bermuda Tourism Authority website where it’s possible to obtain further information on attractions, restaurants, etc...

Go to Bermuda - Official site of the Department of Tourism. Offers a variety of products and services, including dining, what to do, etc...

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