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The goal, or purpose, of this site is to inform other Middleton genealogists, and related researchers, about my line and to try to prove the connections between the Middleton's who left Marion, SC, and ended up in both Mississippi and Alabama.

Some of the Middleton men that were in those three areas were: Jeptha, Willis, William, Martin, Henry C. F., John, Hodge and Stephen. Except for Hodge and Jeptha, those names were used in earlier generations. To that list of Middletons you can add some other important family names, such as Job Foxworth and Joseph Holloway You will find much information on each of these names as you study this site.

I've worked on my family's history for years and had the information on-line for a long time. As is typical, I ran into a brick wall and became disillusioned when I found another Middleton site with my information. It is not that I minded them using the information, but I had clearly marked the information as unproved and speculative. They displayed it without the disclaimer leading others to believe it was true.

The hard part of any genealogy project is to properly set ones expectations. With the past project I took on too much. In addition to keeping the site up to date, I added a DNA element. So, every time someone upgraded their test, or a new member joined the group, I felt compelled to add to my comprehensive analysis. As the number of member of the project grew, this work became a chore rather than fun. I'm hoping that the exhaustive research I plan to display will prompt readers to submit their documented findings so that we may be able to solve some, or all of our mysteries.

My Story

How I got started with my search - From the mid to late 1970's, How my interest was rekindled - The late 1990's

Lots of Lessons Learned, or bringing it up to date and finally My Plans for future development.

DNA Project

I've taken back the project leader positon on the the Middleton Project on Family Tree DNA (FTDNA.) I hadn't looked at the offerings at FTDNA in over 4 years and was surprised at what they have added. I never considered myself a genetics expert, now I feel that my knowledge barely scratches the surface on the subject. So, if anyone in the group would like to share the leadership of the project, please let me know. This page will discuss the DNA project and our findings.

Middleton - a definition

The origin and definition of our name.
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The two images in the header are hyper-links to information on a Middleton Coat of Arms and the DNA project. So, explore, investigate and enjoy. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.