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- A Genealogical Sojourn -

I first saw this Middleton Coat of Arms (or a copy of it) in my Aunt Kate's house in Neptune Beach, FL.  At the time I was not into discovering my roots.  But, not many years after the bug bit and I asked my Aunt about it.  She did not know what I was talking about.  I've just learned that her husband (my Uncle), Carl Middleton d. 1959, gave a copy of this Coat of Arms to my 1st Cousin, Margaret McKensie Shiver many years ago.  Margaret was nice enough to send me a copy. Margaret believes that the Latin inscription means "Respect My Rights."

I have learned of two others. The first is posted on the site of John R. Middleton. Here is his 2nd Middleton OaA. The other is posted by an H. Middleton. Please read what he says about his posted CoA being of Scottish origin, while they have always considered themselves English; 3rd Middleton CoA. All three are very different, so check them out and please let me know if you know anything about them!