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Middleton - a definition

Middleton English and Scots: habitation name from any of the places so called. In over thirty instances from many different areas, the name is from OE midel middle + tün enclosure, settlement. However, Middleton on the Hill near Loeminster in Herefords, appears in Domesday Book as Miceltun, the first element clearly being OE micel large, great (cf. MEIKLE). Middleton Baggot and Middleton Priors in Shrops, have early spellings that suggest gemÿðhyll (from gemÿð confluence + hyll hill) + tün as its origin.

VAR.: Myddleton.

A Scottish family of this name derives it from lands at Middleto(u)n near Kincardine, granted in 1094 by King Duncan II to Malcolm, Son of Kenneth, who was the first to be known by the surname.

A Dictionary of Surnames, Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges, Oxford University Press, 1988

Note: The ü and the ÿ should have a tilde '~' over them, rather than an umlaut mark as in 'tün', but the character sets available don't easily provide the needed characters, if at all. I think you get the idea that it is funky Olde English. Sorry, if it confuses!

Note 2: While in Great Britan on business in 1995, I purchased a road atlas. I was surprised to find 40(ish) places with the name Middleton. Some were simply Middleton, while other were something like Middleton-on-the-Rye. They were scattered all over the British Isles, so this information didn't prove anything other than Middleton is a place name.