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My Plan - How I am going about rebuilding my family line

I think it would be helpful to explain what I had originally before getting into my plan.

My First File - As stated elsewhere on this site, I started building my family tree from records I'd obtained in the mid-70's. In 1997 I bought Family Tree Maker (FTM) ver. 3 from Sam's Club in Flint, Michigan, where I was working on a project. I selected the particular package because it came with dozens of CDs and the "promise" of finding your roots. I starting entering my data, did research to fill in the gaps at the local library and local Family History Center (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka: Mormons.) I basically had my gr.-gr. grandfather and his descendents down to my father. In January of 1998, I published my information on the web for the first time. I got a lot of response and offers of help. Deborah A. Bass-Frazier, of Willis Middleton's line, sent me her file that I merged with mine and republished it on the website.

The Merged File: Her file contained all of her research. She included all Middleton's in the area of Monroe and Conecuh counties, Alabama, even if she didn't know how they were connected. It appeared that she used data from census records, county records, church record, grave yards and probably from family stories. She put a lot of time and effort into her research! I assume her plan was to find the connections at some point, or to have the data handy if needed. This merged file greatly expanded the data I had published on the web. It was all of this data that was lost when my hard drive crashed around 2000 to 2003. I had the files, or pages, from the website, but not what I needed to make updates with FTM. It would all have to be re-entered.

The New File: This past year, 2011, my interest was rekindled in resurrecting the web site. But, I couldn't do it without retyping all the information to rebuild my family line. I saw a copy of FTM 2011 that included a 3-month membership to Ancestry.com. So, I got started on the process. I knew that I was going to start with Martin Middleton and include all the information I could find on each of the 5 brothers. I looked up each on Ancestry.com and primarily used census records. As I followed each line, I referred to the original web pages for any notes that might be helpful. I only went a few generations down each brother's line. Having "lived" with this data for many years, I was aware of the many pitfalls that comes with census data. In the original file I didn't have any information on my Mother's line, that has been added as I can go back a lot further on the Hansford line.

Great New Stuff: Thanks to my cousin, Don Middleton, a phenomenal researcher, I've been able to add a lot of information on my Grimes and Holloway lines. These are: William Lafayette Middleton/Emma Grimes, Henry H. Middleton/Martha Jane Holloway and Jeptha Middleton/Rebecca Holloway. And, in case you are wondering, Martha Jane and Rebecca were related.

More Great Stuff: Pauline Hallett, a cousin from the line of Stephen Middleton who went to MS. Terr. in early 1800's, wrote a history of Stephen and his line in MS . I've used that resource to add more great info. Stephen is the documented son of Martin Middleton and the grandson of William Middleton. I suspect that Stephen is either the brother or 1st cousin of "my" Martin Middleton.

Since I posted the site on 1/6/2012, I've learned of a new tool: Find a Grave or findagrave.com. Using this tool I've added about 80 additional relatives and filled in some missing information in just a few days. You should check it out. I have a link to it on the Links page.

Yet to be added: I don't plan to add many unconnected individuals; though a few are important to our search and should be added. Those names include, but are not limited to, Hodge Middleton and his father William Middleton. (Don't know if this is the same William as above.) I also plan to work further down the tree by adding more to each brother's line. This is where visitors to the site can help.

Other Parts to the Plan: I've been looking for a good way to add a Guestbook type feature to the site. I had one with the original site on AT&T, but I haven't seen how to add one on Comcast. The Guestbook was a way for people to leave notes for me and other visitors. I've decided to use Facebook Groups for that purpose. So, if you are interested, you are welcome to request to join the MiddletonGenealogy Group. I also have a Twitter Feed. If you wish to join it, simply request to join the Middleton-Genealogy twitter feed. To joined either you must have an account on the respective site. I am new to Twitter and need to learn it as we go along.

So, that does it for the plan. I hope this helps you understand what I've done with the site.

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