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- A Genealogical Sojourn -

Research Reports and Queries

Research Information: We have asked a lot of questions and have few documented answers. But, based on information you will find in the following pages I made the leap of faith and placed the 5 brothers under the family of Martin Middleton and Penina Foxworth. I don't think we will ever prove the connection, but we have a LOT of circumstantial evidence as you will see when you read the Research Reports.

So, the following sections have data that is presented in the hopes that you might make a connection and help us with our search.

The Missing Link and Much More - is this what we have been looking for...
The Missing Link? - Contains Middleton research material back to Virginia and England - Can we prove it and make the connection? From this information we have been able to make some connections. They are are explained on the next page.

Additional information from SC , MS and AL  presented to help us with our quest:
Research Reports - Info from records or letters and notes of Middleton researchers.
Middleton Queries - Contains a lot of good information on Middletons not connected to our line, or maybe.

If you wish to communicate with me, or other Middleton researchers, I'd like to suggest you join the MiddletonGenealogy Group on Facebook. There is a link on the Home page. It is new and will take a while to get going.