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Halifax, NS, Canada (5/21/2018)

We visited Halifax in the Spring of 2010 on a car tour of Coastal Maine and the Maritime Provences of Canada. We enter Nova Scotia from the Digby ferry and drove across the island to the Atlantic coast. We were expecting to see magical scenery along the way, but we drove through a pine forest on a two-lane road that could have been anywhere in North America. But, when we reached the end of the pine tunnel, the magic happened as we visited Lunenburg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and drove through coastal villages like Mahone Bay and Peggy's Cove on our way to Halifax. All of these places are avialable on excursion, in case you have already visited Halifax.

Halifax is so far north that is scares me to think of the winters there. So, I was curious how it could be so properous and vibrant if it had severe winter weather. So, I pulled up a map and drew a horizontal line across North America. Much to my surprise, I found that 2,816 miles due west of Halifax is Portland, Oregan. (GASP!) It seems that both city have similar weather due to their close proximity to oceans. Halifax gets more snow, but both cities have many days of mist and fog. By the time we arrive, the last part of May, it should be comfortable, yet cool. The average high is 60°F, with lows averaging 42°F. Bring a jacket and you will be fine. There should be 15 hours of daylight on May 21st, so we should have great views of the city as we sail in and out.

It was Halifax’s natural harbor, the second largest in the world, that first drew the British here in 1749. Today most major sites are conveniently located either along it or on the Citadel-crowned hill overlooking it. There's easy access to the water, and despite being the focal point of a busy commercial port, Halifax Harbor doubles as a playground, with one of the world's longest downtown boardwalks. It's a place where container ships, commuter ferries, cruise ships, and tour boats compete for space, and where workaday tugs and fishing vessels tie up beside glitzy yachts. Like Halifax as a whole, the harbor represents a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. It is well worth your time to stay and visit Halifax. We spent 3 days here, before moving on to Prince Edward Island.

pic of Halifax, NS, Canada

The ship docks at Pavillion 22, just steps from boardwalk with many things to see and do. Walk west from the boardwalk, across Lower Water St. and you can start exploring Halifax.


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