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Spike and Pumpkin



From this view you can barely see the coloring that gave her the name. She is one of the sweetest cats we have ever owned. She loves to get in stuff like this USPS tray that was used to deliver our mail after we returned from a vacation. Linda had a really nice ceramic bowl that Pumpkin spent a lot of time in until she was spooked. She jumped out of the bowl and it went flying, shattering to bits on the floor.

Linda got a call one day from a lady who worked for our builder. The lady knew that we had recently lost a cat, so she let us know that they found a kitten under a dumpster and wondered if we were interested in this one as a replacement. We were a  bit skeptical, but said we would like to see the kitten. Well, turned out to be one of the best socialized cats ever. Go figure!




Spike or Spice

Our "big boy" cat. Linda got Spice from a lady at a furniture store on GA-365, in Habersham Co. She was told Spice was a female. Well, we took "her" to the vet a few months later to have her spayed. The Vet called a few hours later and said Spice was a boy and should be neutered instead. We were sure surprised as we didn't want a male cat. From that point I renamed the cat to Spike as Spice just didn't seem to fit any longer. Spike has been a good cat. He seems to get along with Pumpkin, but a few times a day we hear them fighting. Spike is always the aggressor. Pumpkin's defense is all her thick hair. Every time Spike attacks he come away with a mouth full of hair. We find tuffs of hair around the house showing where attacks have taken place. 

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