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Dubrovnik, Croatia (6/1/19)

We visited Dubrovnik on the Carnival Breeze in late October 2012. We had been told that this city was perfect to do on your own and that is true, but we felt that we missed a lot by just wandering around on our own. I really prefer to have someone to tell me about a place with an emphasis on history and culture. I also like knowing how people make a living today, how much it costs to live in one of the house we see in this picture and generally what daily life is like. Speaking of daily like, I noticed a workman pushing a cart, piled high with construction material, while working their way through the narrow streets that were crowded with self-absorbed tourists. Instead of yelling at them to get out of their way, they were very patient and just waited for their path to clear. Can you imagine that scene in NYC?

I took the picture below from the cable car on our way to the top of Mt. Srd. It is not a great picture, but gives a great view of the wall that surrounds the old city of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik pic

There are two possible docks, though most (bigger) ships wind up in Gruz Harbor, a suburb of Dubrovnik. Smaller vessels may be permitted to anchor in Old Harbor, right in the heart of the old city. I don't know if the Star is considered large, so I can't tell you which dock we will use. I suspect it will be Gruz, which is the port for ferries and other commercial traffic. From there you can take organized boat tours to the Elaphites as well as sailing tours to Split. Not that we will have time for that.

Gruz is a neighborhood about 3 km (1.8 miles) northwest from the Old Town. In the Gruz area you will find tourist agencies, exchange offices, internet corner, rent-a-car offices, banks, the "Srdj" department store, "Konzum" supermarket, pharmacy, bakeries, restaurants, caf├ęs, souvenir shops, as well as a vegetable & fish market.


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