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Rhodes, Greece (5/29/19)

Rhodes is another new port for us. The only time I can remember hearing the name mentioned was was in advertisments for the 1961 movie The Colossus of Rhodes, which I never saw. Oh, I have also seen Rhodes listed in itineraries for Western Mediterrean cruises. I thought it was the name of an island, but I recently learned that is is also the principal city on the island, plus it is the name of a regional unit that covers a number of islands in the Region of South Aegean. So, when the itinerary says we are docking in Rhodes, I assume it means a port in, or near, the city of Rhodes on the northern tip of the island of Rhodes.

I marged three pictures to give you an idea where the island of Rhodes is located and to show you the special natarure of the city of Rhodes. As the map on the left shows, Rhodes is much closer to Turkey, than to Greece; thus, you wil find a lot of Turkish influence in the archecture, food and culture. The middle pictuture is of the citadel of Rhodes, built by the Knights Hospitalliers of Saint John in the 13th century AD. It is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, which in 1988 was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the footprint of the citadel in the city map on the right.

Rhodes Pic

The harbor is extremely close to the heart of the city, less than half a mile northeast of the main tourist area. Most of the town's attractions are within 20 minutes walking distance. The port offers easy access to ATM's, Internet cafes and shops in town, but there's not much else at the port itself. Taxis stop at the port for passengers who want to explore the New Town or other areas. Rhodes' Old Town is easily explored on foot, but wear comfortable shoes. Taxis are also plentiful.


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